About Zensoul & Our Story

Hi there, we are Sandra and Anna, nice to meet you 👋🏻.

Welcome to our meditation blog, where tranquility and mindfulness converge on the digital canvas since August 2023📿.

We are Sandra and Anna, kindred spirits bound by our shared passion for inner peace, personal growth, and the transformative journey of meditation. As avid practitioners and firm believers in the profound impact of mindfulness on everyday life, we embarked on this virtual odyssey to create a space where seekers of serenity can find solace.

Our paths merged serendipitously, each enriched by unique life experiences that led us to the crossroads of meditation. Sandra, a social media manager, found respite from the chaos of urban life through the art of meditation. Anna, a certified yoga teacher, discovered a deeper connection with herself and the world around her through mindful contemplation. United by a shared vision, we’ve channeled our collective wisdom into this blog, aiming to provide inspiration, guidance, and a sense of community to fellow wanderers on this ethereal expedition.

Have fun exploring the endless possibilities of meditation 💫.

Anna from Zensoul
Anna Schöler

Anna is 28 years old, living in Germany. She is a certified Yoga Teacher and currently in a certification process to become a Life Coach. For years she loves to meditate and almost finds time for that every day. Anna is responsible for the blog articles.

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Sandra from Zensoul
Sandra Benndorf

Sandra is 27 years old, also living in Germany. She has a passion for photography and loves to capture beautiful moments. She is interested in personal development and meditation is a fix part of her life.

You can find and contact Sandra here:

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