Anti-AI Policy

In today’s digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly utilized by countless websites worldwide to generate written content. While AI has its merits, its widespread adoption raises concerns about the diminishing creativity, personal touch, and overall value of the written word for readers.

Currently, AI-generated content often involves repurposing material from other websites, cleverly rephrasing it to sidestep intellectual property regulations. This practice can inadvertently undercut the hard work of dedicated human creators who conducted original research, often without receiving due credit.

At Zensoul, we are firm advocates of supporting the creative industry by collaborating with human talents to craft top-notch content imbued with passion and personality.

AI, for all its capabilities, falls short in several crucial aspects. It cannot provide subjective evaluations of product quality, share firsthand experiences from hands-on testing, express opinions on the latest industry developments, or conduct in-depth interviews with renowned figures in the field. Thus, we use AI for certain aspects but all our articles provide our own opinion and experiences.