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Best meditation tools

7 Best Meditation Tools for a More Mindful Practice

ByAnna SchölerMay 23, 20248 min read

If you struggle with meditation and your thoughts are always somewhere else, I recommend meditation tools to improve your mindful practice. Here are my favorite 7 best meditation tools that I use regularly – enjoy 💫. 7 Best Meditation Tools by Pinterest The Thinking Egg

Our favorite tool
The Thinking Egg


  • Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Made of copper and zinc, which are believed to have healing properties that can boost the immune system and improve sleep
  • A discreet and elegant way to keep your hands busy and reduce stress and anxiety

Cons 🚫

  • May be too small for some users, as it's only slightly larger than a quail egg
  • The brass material may scratch easily
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05/26/2024 03:54 am GMT
If you’re looking for a small, portable tool to help you stay focused and mindful throughout the day, the Thinking Egg is…

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9 Best Meditation Crystals for a Blissful State

ByAnna SchölerMay 23, 20249 min read

This are my favorite 9 best meditation crystals that are spread all over my flat. I just love to use the power of crystals 🧿. 9 Best Meditation Crystals by…

Meditation colors for a room

5 Useful Meditation Colors For A Room to Zen Out Your Space

ByAnna SchölerMay 23, 20248 min read

Step into a world where tranquility meets aesthetics with the captivating topic of “Meditation Colors for a Room.” Your living space is more than walls; it’s an extension of your…

Loving-Kindness Meditation Script

Loving-Kindness Meditation Script to Boost Happiness In 2024

ByAnna SchölerMay 23, 202410 min read

Welcome to a sanctuary of compassion and positive vibes—today, we unravel the enchanting world of “Loving-Kindness Meditation Script.” In the hustle of our daily lives, where stress often takes center…