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Best meditation blankets

My 9 Best Meditation Blankets for a Cozy Meditation Practice

ByAnna SchölerApr 30, 20249 min read

Meditation without a blanket to keep you warm?! That is impossible – so here are my best meditation blankets to keep you and me warm during meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️. 9 Best Meditation Blankets by Pinterest 1. Handwoven Mexican Meditation Blanket

Our favorite
Handwoven Mexican Meditation Blanket


  • Made of 100% recycled acrylic and cotton, making it both eco-friendly and durable
  • Handmade by local artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico, ensuring each blanket is unique and of high quality
  • Soft and lightweight, making it easy to carry to your yoga practice or outdoor meditation session

Cons 🚫

  • The colors may not be as vibrant as pictured on the website
  • Some users have found the blanket to be thinner than expected
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05/25/2024 07:05 pm GMT
If you’re looking for a versatile and stylish meditation blanket, the Benevolence Mexican Blanket is a great option. I recently purchased this blanket for my outdoor yoga practice…

Spring meditation script

Spring Meditation Script to Awaken Positive Energy In 2024

ByAnna SchölerApr 30, 20247 min read

Welcome to a breath of fresh air in the realm of meditation! Today, we immerse ourselves in the vibrant energy of the season with our “Spring Meditation Script.” As nature…

Best meditation chairs

7 Best Meditation Chairs for a Comfortable Practice

ByAnna SchölerApr 29, 20247 min read

Looking to elevate your meditation experience? Dive into tranquility with our guide to the best meditation chairs. Discover comfort, support, and alignment as you embark on your journey to inner…

Self compassion meditation script

Self Compassion Meditation Script For Deep Kindness 2024

ByAnna SchölerApr 27, 202413 min read

Welcome to a sanctuary of self-kindness and understanding – the realm of “Self Compassion Meditation Script.” In the hustle of daily life, we often forget to extend the same compassion…



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